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We pay homage to the wisdom and traditions of our forefathers in Italian winemaking. Our name, derived from the Latin word "patrum," meaning "of the fathers," embodies our deep respect for the legacy passed down through generations. At Patrvm, our mission is to produce wines that capture the essence of time-honored techniques and the expertise of our ancestors.


Within the rolling hills of Italy, where vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, Patrvm embraces the art of winemaking in its purest form. Our expertise lies in producing exquisite varieties of sparkling wines, including Spumante, Prosecco, and Valdobbiadene DOCG. With a profound respect for the terroir of each vineyard, we carefully nurture the grape varietals that thrive in our region, harnessing the unique flavors and aromas that are characteristic of the Italian landscape.

Our commitment to crafting wines as our fathers did is at the core of everything we do. We believe that true excellence lies in the meticulous attention to detail and the use of time-honored techniques that have been refined over centuries. Our passionate team of viticulturists and winemakers work tirelessly to uphold the legacy of our fathers by carefully cultivating and selecting the finest grapes, employing traditional methods of vinification, and producing wines of exceptional character and quality.


Our mission is to create wines that captivate both seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers to the world of wine. With meticulous attention to detail, we source the finest grapes and employ cutting-edge winemaking practices, blending tradition with a contemporary twist.

Our Wines

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