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Vanitas - Rosè Spumante Brut

Vanitas - Rosè Spumante Brut

Production Area: Italy - Veneto


Method: Martinotti-Charmat


Art: Delicate sparkling wine, obtained from the refermentation of the wine in small-sized stainless steel autoclaves at low temperature for a whole process that lasts about 45 days.


Bubbles: Abundant and evanescent, with fine and persistent perlage.


Color: Light pink.


Aroma: Finely fruity, delicate bouquet, aromatic, balanced, and of great elegance.


Taste: Clean, soft, with hints of cherry and strawberry.


Alcohol content: 12% Vol.


Residual sugar: 1.1%.


Serving temperature: 6-8 °C.


Pairing: Perfect when paired with rich platters, enhancing cured meats and cheeses. Excellent with vegetable risottos, light and cold dishes, lightly prepared fish, and low-temperature cooked white meats.


Storage: In a cool and dry place, refrigerate a few hours before serving.

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